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Sidehill Farm Yogurt

58 Forget Rd
Hawley, MA 01339

Company Description:
Sidehill Farm Yogurt is a certified organic, on-farm creamery producing organic yogurt and sour cream from the milk of grass-fed cows. Our focus is on producing healthy, high quality organic dairy products that support the health of our customers, our staff, and our environment. We take serious pride in quality, efficiency, and reducing waste; and love good food, having fun, and the occasional nacho party!
Salary Range:Location:
$15-17 Per Hour HAWLEY, MA
Job Type:Category:
Part TimeManufacturing/Production
Education Level:Work Experience:
High School or Equivalent
Preference: Nice to have
No Experience
Preference: Nice to have
We are looking for a fun, detail-oriented, morning person to join our yogurt making team and creamery crew. You'll be starting the yogurt making process in the morning before the rest of the crew comes in, then joining the rest of the yogurt making team in making and packaging yogurt for the rest of your day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday plus alternating Mondays.

Approximate schedule:
Tues 6 AM- 2 PM
Wednesday: 6 AM- 4 PM
Thursday 6 AM- 1 PM
Alternating Mondays: 6AM to Noon
Some flexibility is helpful, according to yogurt demand and milk supply

• Measuring and pumping raw milk into yogurt vats
• Setup of yogurt filling machine
• Cleanup of empty milk tanks and raw milk equipment
• Packaging yogurt with the rest of the yogurt making team
• Loading delivery truck
• Boxing finished yogurt
• Setup of cream separator
• Operation of cream separator
• Breakdown and cleanup of cream separator

On yogurt make days (Mon, Tues, Thurs) you would start the day by pumping measured quantities of raw milk into yogurt vats, and performing various associated processes. Then you would move onto setup of the filling machine, followed by cleanup of empty tanks and associated equipment on the raw milk side of the operation. By mid-morning yogurt packaging will be underway, and you would be a part of that process with the rest of the team. The late-shift person arrives at noon, at which point you would step out of the packaging process and finish up any last details or jobs (Tuesday truck loading, for instance) before heading home.

Wednesday is not a processing day, and while it is a longer day the work is quite different. You would spend the first part of the morning boxing yogurt that was made on Tuesday. Later you would transition to setting up the cream separator, so that between 11 and 12 you would be ready to begin separating milk for Thursdays’s lowfat yogurt. On sour cream weeks you would be pasteurizing cream, simultaneously. By around 3 the separating is usually done, and you would do a quick breakdown and rinse of the parts, as a setup for the proper wash on Thursday morning.
• Cleanliness! Please be a generally neat and clean person. The creamery is a sanitary space, and we are making food!
• Moderate mechanical inclinations. (Or more.) This position involves working with pumps and valving, and also shares responsibility for setup, breakdown and troubleshooting of our filling machine and cream separator. The ideal person is someone who has some fundamental instinct for how things work, and a curiosity to learn more.
• Experience in a production environment preferred. This position involves production work, which is fast-paced, and sometimes repetitive, but requires attention to detail.
• Ability to multitask. Frequently the person in this position has two or three processes going on simultaneously, and the ability to toggle between them is essential. The ideal is someone who can balance focus and multi-tasking.
• Ability to work well both as a member of a team, and solo. This position includes approximately 50% of each.
• Desire to start the day early and go home early. If you are a night owl, good for you! But this is probably not the right position for you.

To apply, please email a resume, 3 references, and brief explanation of why you'd love to work here!


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