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Pixel Health

4 Open Square Way
Salary Range:Location:
To Commensurate With Experience HOLYOKE, MA
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeService Technician
Education Level:Work Experience:
Associate Degree
Preference: Preferred
Up to One Year
Preference: Preferred
JOB DESCRIPTION: IT On-Site Field Services Technician

Company Overview
Keeping patients healthy is their specialty. Healthcare IT is ours. We strive to make technology invisible and allow our clients to spend as much time with their patients as possible. We never forget that it’s not about bits and bytes but about how it all helps to make a patient smile, a loved one be reassured, and a caregiver feel confident. We manage IT services for medical practices, clinics, and social service non-profits so technology works for them, and not the other way around.

BaytechIT is a member of the Pixel Health portfolio of companies, a unique ecosystem of healthcare consultancies that focus on facilitating the use of technology, simplifying the process of using it, and?helping to overcome the organizational?constraints of optimizing?its adoption.

Employee Value Proposition
Handing a stethoscope to an auto mechanic doesn’t make him a doctor. Anyone can “fix” a problem but it takes a specialist to diagnose, heal, and implement change for the long-term. At baytechIT, we understand healthcare, business, and technology (in that order).

Healthcare, because there is no other Managed Service Provider that can say “that’s all we do.”
Business, because we understand it all has to do with managing IT to make an organization more profitable, save them more money, or make them more efficient.

Technology, because we’ve designed and managed some of the most advanced healthcare IT networks on the planet and can back up our work by offering the only “thirty day out clause” in the industry.

For us, it’s all about being one of them. Everything we say and everything we do must be about becoming a client’s IT partner. An employee would never think about telling the boss that “it’s not in my job description.” They might think about it, but if they say it, it’ll probably be the last thought they have as the door shuts behind them.

If we’re going to be their IT department then we have to act like it. That means no in scope and out of scope arguments. That means always doing what we think is best for them knowing that if we put ourselves first, they can show us that door at any time and for any reason.

We’ll never compete on price because no one offers more for one monthly fixed fee.

We’re the experts but they’re always right. If they’re not, we listen and offer alternatives. No one likes a preacher (except in church).

The only attitude we carry with us is gratitude. We never forget that the lifeblood of every healthcare organization is technology. They’ve entrusted it to us. That’s a responsibility we’ll never take lightly.

IT On-Site Field Services Technician

Western Massachusetts

Role Description
Smile, you’re an On-Site Field Services Technician.

Our ideal candidate to be a personable, respectful, happy, and customer-focused individual. They understand that our clients just want to be able to do their job. Technology should work for them, not the other way around.

Our IT On-Site Field Service Technicians are responsible for the support and maintenance of computer hardware, software, printers, telephones, WIFI, networks and other miscellaneous equipment at a customer’s place of operation. You should be comfortable working predominantly onsite, sometimes remotely, and provide Tier II IT Technical support. You will bring the helpdesk to our clients door while assisting and ensuring our clients receive the ultimate in customer service.
Skills and Responsibilities
• Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and organizational skills
• Ability to work well in a fast paced/multitasking environment and remain calm under pressure.
• Team player
• Customer-focused
• Respond knowledgeably & in a manner understandable to the customer with regards to questions or technical issues
• Support client approved software with a strong knowledge of current or existing Operating systems and Applications
• Onsite troubleshooting at client location
• Deploy new laptops, desktops, printers, monitors, phones and peripherals,
• Set up / work with new end-users.
• Review and resolve performance issues
• Diagnose and address internet connectivity slowness
• Assist with password resets
• Assist in implementing cloud solutions as necessary
• Manage updates
• Respond to Alerts
• Consistently look for proactive security opportunities
• Root cause analysis and resolution assistance of recurring technical issues
• Configuration and deployment of Wireless Access Points is a plus
• Configuration and deployment of firewalls is a plus.
• On-call requirement every 3 to 5 weeks based on staffing.
• Must be able to lift / move 50lbs.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
• MSP(Managed Service Provider), IT Help Desk, Service Desk or Call Center support is a plus.
• Minimum 1 year in client / customer technical support role.
• Certifications are a plus
• Valid driver’s license

And finally, every baytechIT team member will be expected to assess their own strengths and weaknesses, pursue training and development opportunities, strive to continuously build knowledge and skills, and share that expertise with those around them. Like any fast-paced environment, be prepared to react well under pressure, accept responsibility for your own actions, and always follow through on your commitments.

It goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway. We’re committed to treating every member of the baytechIT team with the same respect and consideration, no matter their status or position. We expect nothing less of everyone.

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