Job: Maintenance Manager

Hume Ministries

73 Chestnut Hill Rd
Monterey, MA 01245

Company Description:
Christian Camp
Salary Range:Location:
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeMaintenance
Education Level:Work Experience:
High School or Equivalent
Preference: Nice to have
Preference: Nice to have

Since 1946, more than 1.5 million youth and adults have been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Our camp and retreat centers are interdenominational, year-round camping ministries dedicated to the glory of God. We are committed to sharing a clear presentation of the gospel and giving guests an opportunity to respond. Our camps extend from the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts to the Sequoia National Forest, and the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California.


Perform duties to maintain the facilities, grounds, and equipment at Hume New England, and oversee support staff and contractors, where only general methods are available in the making of broad decisions requiring considerable initiative and ingenuity.


  • Work from CMMS work order system, schedules, lists, manuals, regulatory requirements, and organizational policies and procedures.

  • Maintain the vehicle fleet at Hume New England. Perform routine maintenance, repair vehicles and utilize outside contractor for issues outside of internal capabilities. Manage the inspections, registration renewals, and EZPass accounts for camp vehicles.

  • Manage the CMMS work order system. Assign work orders to staff or contractors based on requirements and availability of skills required. Follow up to track the status of work orders, and update CMMS system with work activities and project related information.

  • Troubleshoot any range of issues associated with Camp equipment or facilities failures or problems related to electrical, plumbing and carpentry requirements. Make minor or routine repairs and participate in upgrade projects including painting, carpentry, or plumbing improvements, not requiring contractor permits and within capabilities, and hire licensed contractor to make repairs, as required.

  • Monitor the Camp’s water system, and coordinate activities with wastewater contractor.

  • Identify, vet, and ensure current licensure by trade contractors for electric, plumbing, pest

    control, wastewater, tree service, fire suppression systems, HVAC, and kitchen exhaust cleaning. Monitor work performed by contractors and ensure results meet required standards and are accomplished within budget.

  • Facilitate inspections by fire and building inspectors as requested.

  • Manage the snow removal and salt deliveries and distribution. Plow, shovel and use snow blower to maintain Camp roads, access paths, driveways, and parking lots. Mow lawns and cut weeds and overgrowth.

  • Contract for pest control to treat for abatement of rodents, insects and other pests. Fog areas for mosquito and tick control as required.

  • Purchase consumables and maintain inventory of supplies regularly required for maintenance operations. Order rental and facilitate the use of heavy equipment as required. Order supplies for set build and supervise tear down and removal of non-reusable set pieces.

  • Monitor IT systems and peripherals and coordinate with IT staff to ensure systems are fully operational.

  • Contribute to the development of departmental operating budget for areas of responsibility. Manage department in keeping with budget plan, monitor expenditures against plan, and review, investigate, and report on variances. Contribute to the development of capital improvement budgets and justifications as required.

  • Make recommendations for tree removal as needed to maintain the safety and environmental integrity of the Camp's property.


    Use hand and hand power tools, groundskeeping equipment, heavy equipment for snow removal, earth moving and other grounds revision equipment, lifts, ladders, hoses, machine tools, gauges, meters, and common measuring equipment, painting supplies, paints, solvents, cleaners, chemicals, oils, and similar maintenance supplies, computer and common office equipment industrial and industrial and common cleaning equipment and supplies.


  •  A Christ-follower who provides ongoing evidence of commitment to the Christian faith and a desire to share the knowledge of Jesus Christ with others.
  • Agrees with Hume’s Statement of Belief and abides by the Code of Conduct.

  • Exemplifies Godliness, integrity, self-control, and temperance. Consistently brings an uplifting presence.