Hob: Technical Director

Academy of Music Theatre

274 Main Street

Company Description:
The Academy of Music Theatre is a non-profit historic opera house located in downtown Northampton, MA, across the street from Smith College. The venue offers a variety of programming in music, dance, theater, independent film and youth workshops.
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Full TimeArts/Entertainment
Education Level:Work Experience:
Bachelor's Degree
Preference: Preferred
Preference: Required
Master Electrician - Preference: Preferred
The Technical Director (TD) has the daily responsibility for the theatrical technical operations of the Academy, including lighting, sound, set design and construction, and coordinating necessary theatrical maintenance. The Technical Director will act as crew chief, determining number of stagehands and scheduling staff for all productions. The TD will act as liaison with the steward of I.A.T.S.E. Local 232, communicating the number of stagehands required and will oversee union crew during production. The TD is responsible for all technical operations during all shows.

Duties and responsibilities include:

• Determines the necessary technical supports, such as lighting, sound, staging, and special needs, necessary for events and performances presented at the facility in advance of production dates.

• Engineers and provides for set ups, maintains and operates all house systems including but not limited to rigging, lighting, projections and sound systems for theater, dance, music, and other productions and projects; assists guest designers and artists with technical matters.

• Engineers, supervises and assists with set and stage construction, installation and management.

• Oversees stage crews and back stage staff; responsible for hiring and firing non-I.A.T.S.E stagehands and for maintaining records of job performance for all stage hands. Makes recommendations for training.

• Orients Academy renters and visiting productions to safety, technical characteristics and other areas of facility operations; facilitates the use of the technical facilities by the resident company and others engaged by or renting the Academy.

• Monitors the condition of and maintains all Academy theatrical equipment including lighting, sound, projection and rigging equipment; arranges for the repair and replacement within budget; performs preventive maintenance on equipment; prepares annual budget for equipment purchases and maintenance.

• Assists with the preparation and control of Academy production budgets; maintains inventory and orders specialized supplies.

• Provides estimate for production costs prior to rental contract execution and for Academy productions; provides invoice for work performed to Executive Director.

• Assists Front of House Manager with facility maintenance.

• Any other tasks assigned by Executive Director
• At least 3 years of relevant experience with a performing arts venue
• Working knowledge of current techniques, methods and procedures of theater, dance, and music productions and presentations including stage, set, sound and lighting design and implementation; stage management; computerized lighting systems; stage carpentry; appropriate safety precautions and procedures.
• Ability to lift and carry 50lbs
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skill
• Master Electrician
• BFA in Technical Theater or commensurate experience
• Experience working in a union house preferred