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Craig's Doors--A Home Association, Inc.

256 North Pleasant Street
Suite 4A
Amherst, MA 01002

Company Description:
Our mission is to provide safe, caring shelter for people who are homeless while we work to develop supportive housing. We help build an improved quality of life for those who are without a home. Craig’s Doors is committed to empowering our guests to improve the quality of their lives through the creation of safe, respectful shelter and housing. Our seasonal shelter for people who have no home is Craig’s Place, operates from November 1 through April 30.
Salary Range:Location:
$15+ Per Hour AMHERST MA
Job Type:Category:
Part TimeHuman Services
Education Level:Work Experience:
High School or Equivalent
Preference: Required
Up to One Year
Preference: Required
One Year Management Experience - Preference: Required

Craig’s Doors provides warmth, safety, help, and hope to about 180 individuals throughout the frigid winter weather, and we need a solid team to share in our purpose. We are looking for candidates who can excel in our Staff Manager position. It is imperative that those who apply are adaptive, committed, attentive, and able to think creatively. As a Manager you should strive to build positive, supportive relationships with our guests and your fellow staff members. On the job training will be provided.

Key skills we value are: reliability, leadership, timeliness, attention to detail, staying calm under pressure, compassion, ability to address and inquire about sensitive information, excellent oral and written communication skills, multi-lingual capabilities, basic familiarity with Microsoft Office, time management, the ability to work independently or with a group, and customer service experience.

Managers are responsible for overseeing 1-3 staff members, 3-15 volunteers, and 28 guests each night (8:30pm-12:30am). We are looking for highly motivated, fast thinking, attentive individuals who can navigate high-stress situations. A Manager's primary responsibility is to oversee and respond to shelter activity. Candidates will be expected to be able to direct both staff and volunteers to ensure an efficient, productive shift.

Further job descriptions and details available upon consideration.

All Craig's Doors Staff will be expected to record nightly occurrences in our shift log. Candidates should be punctual, proactive, and passionate. We want your unique experiences and perspectives to shine when building your relationships with guests!

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