Hob: Direct Support Professionals


101 Munson Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

Company Description:
Human Services
Salary Range:Location:
Per Hour ,
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeHuman Services
Education Level:Work Experience:
High School or Equivalent
Preference: Nice to have

Preference: Nice to have
Pathlight is recruiting staff for our residential group homes in HADLEY & EASTHAMPTON.

SUMMARY OF DSP POSITION: Perform a variety of routine direct care duties to support and instruct individuals with developmental disabilities and to promote their dignity, safety, health, welfare rights and development, including advanced medical and behavioral treatment and other duties requiring advanced training beyond Direct Support Professional 1 duties, in compliance with Pathlight and applicable governing agency policies, procedures and regulations.

Available schedules:
Easthampton/Park St. (I)
38 Hours
Wednesday 10:00p-8:30a (Posting 509-17)
Thursday 10:00p-8:30a
Friday 10:00p-6:00a
Saturday 10:00p-7:00a

38 Hours
Sunday 10:00p-8:30a (Posting 529-17)
Monday 10:00p-8:30a
Friday 10:00p-7:00a
Saturday 10:00p-6:00a

37 Hours 10/12/17
Sunday 6:00a-2:00p (Posting 578-17)
Monday 3:00p-10:00p
Tuesday 3:00p-10:00p
Wednesday 3:00p-10:00p
Saturday 6:00a-2:00p

15 Hours
Monday 6:00a-9:00a (Posting 609-17)
Tuesday 6:00a-9:00a
Wednesday 6:00a-9:00a
Thursday 6:00a-9:00a
Friday 6:00a-9:00a

Hadley/High Meadow Rd. (I)
30 Hours
Sunday 7:00a-3:00p (Posting 527-17)
Tuesday 3:00p-10:00p
Thursday 3:00p-10:00p
Saturday 7:00a-3:00p

21 Hours
Sunday 3:00p-10:00p
Monday 3:00p-10:00p
Saturday 3:00p-10:00p

35.5 Hours
Sunday 7:00a-3:00p (Posting 606-17)
Monday 3:30p-10:00p
Tuesday 3:30p-10:00p
Friday 3:30p-10:00p
Saturday 7:00a-3:00p

14 Hours
Saturday 3:00p-10:00p (Posting 607-17)
Sunday 3:00p-10:00p

38 Hours
Wednesday 10:00p-8:30a (Posting 622-18)
Thursday 10:00p-8:30a
Friday 10:00p-6:00a
Saturday 10:00p-7:00a

Openings in other towns around Greenfield and Springfield also are available.
Minimum 18 years of age
Valid Driver’s license
Reliable Transportation
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Acceptable CORI / NBC
Two Professional References