Hob: Resident Rights Advocate Director

Highland Valley Elder Services, Inc.

320 Riverside Drive, Suite B
Florence, MA 01062

Company Description:
non-profit agency working with elders and their families
Salary Range:Location:
Per Year ,
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeHuman Services
Education Level:Work Experience:
Bachelor's Degree
Preference: Required
Up to One Year
Preference: Preferred
Job Title: Ombudsman Program Director

Job Summary: Manage the agency ombudsman program including supervising a volunteer staff as a means of ensuring the rights and entitlements of residents of area rest homes and skilled nursing facilities.

Authority: This position reports to and is supervised by the Associate Director of Human Resources.

Requirements: A Bachelors Degree is required for this position, Masters Degree preferred. Degree should be in human services or a related field.

A. Duties and Responsibilities

1. Recruits, trains and supervises Ombudsman volunteers, which includes holding monthly supervisory/supportive meetings with all Ombudsman volunteers.

2. Coordinate with the Office of the State Ombudsman program for local ombudsman program certification training.

3. Ensures ombudsman volunteers have identification as such.

4. Ensures ombudsman volunteers have the capacity to receive, investigate, and resolve complaints.

5. Ensures relevant regulatory compliance and interfaces directly with State Ombudsman project personnel.

6. Maintains regular contact with appropriate community and state agencies to promote community involvement in the Ombudsman program.

7. Receives, investigates and resolves complaints made by or on behalf of the residents of area rest homes and skilled nursing facilities.

8. Promotes the development and functioning of Resident and Family Councils within facilities in order to support a long term care model of consumer directed services.

9. Maintains internal coordination within the home care unit and other departments to expand living options for nursing home residents.

10. Maintains complete records of complaints received, actions taken, and findings made in response to such complaints and report data to the state ombudsman office.

11. Prepares reports and documentation as required.

12. Participates in required quality performance initiatives within program area.

13. Comply with confidentiality requirements.

14. Publicize the existence and function of the ombudsman program.

B. Additional Job Requirements

1. Participate in all required agency meetings as assigned.

2. Participate in training and development activities to keep up with knowledge and skills leading to strong performance in this position.

3. Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor to meet agency needs.

4. Environmental Conditions – work is 75% indoor work; 25% outdoor (i.e. travel to attend facilities, meetings, presentations and trainings).

5. Physical Requirements
a. While performing duties of position, employee will be required to sit/stand for extended periods.
b. Working knowledge of computers, applicable software and databases and capacity to see computer screen and read written material.
c. Capacity to communicate verbally with staff, supervisors, consumers and community.
d. Capacity for the fine manipulation with use of office equipment.
e. Capacity for occasional reaching, lifting or bending.

6. Work Environment Expectations
f. Available to work a salaried position with primary hours daily M-F, 9am-5pm.
g. Ability to drive own vehicle as the position requires.